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Flowers located in the Ward Block in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

The League of Friends cares and provides support for patients of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, and we have been doing so since 1966.

The League of Friends supports the work of the hospital in so many ways and is always there for patients, relatives and staff. The 150 or so volunteers in our 4 shops offer a smile and a cup of tea when needed, along with other refreshments. Confectionary, newspapers and toiletries can also be purchased and are taken round the wards daily for the comfort and convenience of patients. Our regularly changed flower arrangements brighten up entrances and waiting areas.

All profits from the shops and every penny from donations, legacies and enjoyable fundraising events are used to buy equipment for the RSH. We are completely autonomous so, in conversation with Trust staff, we decide where the money entrusted to us is spent.

Over the last two years in the region of £1.5m has been spent on much needed equipment to improve patient care.

In 2016, Simon Wright, Chief Executive of The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH), said: “The support we receive from the League of Friends of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital is invaluable and the contribution they make to the hospital benefits our patients every single day.

“It is incredible to think that in the last two years alone, the Friends have donated equipment worth more than £1.3 million to RSH. This can be something simple, costing a few hundred pounds, to larger pieces of equipment costing thousands. Just recently, the Friends donated £200,000 to purchase 15 new renal dialysis machines, which is just wonderful.  The generosity of the public through the offices of the League of Friends is staggering and we are so grateful for this on-going support as we look to modernise our departments and keep our services in our counties. 

“The League of Friends has come a long way since their foundation in 1966 and, on behalf of our staff, patients and visitors, I wish them many more years of continued fundraising.”




The amount shown above is the total for Gifts donated to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in the last two years

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