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Why leave a legacy

It’s a great way of saying thank you for the care you have had or helping future users get access to the best equipment that the NHS will find it increasingly difficult to afford.

It costs you nothing, since it’s only payable out of money left when you die.

No inheritance tax is payable on gifts to registered charities like the League, so all of your money goes to the cause you select. The gift is deducted from your estate before Inheritance tax is calculated so there is no adverse effect on anything else (though it may in exceptional circumstances reduce the rate of tax your executors pay).

How to leave a legacy

Take a copy of this page to a solicitor and instruct them to write the legacy into your will – it’s important it is properly worded and legally witnessed.

The details of The League of Friends must be correct:

The League of Friends of The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Registered charity number 500509

It’s preferable that your legacy is left as a percentage of the residue of your estate (what’s left after all other bequests to family, friends etc ) rather than a set sum (called a “pecuniary gift”). This is because it may be many years between your making your will and your death. In this time inflation will eat into the real value of a fixed sum.

Please specify that your gift is “to be used for the general purposes of the League”. If there is a particular cause dear to your heart, add this as a preference. We will always try to use your gift as you wish. Where this is impossible, eg because we have fully funded that project by the time your legacy becomes payable, this wording allows the money to be used for immediate vital equipment needs.