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Enhance your Brand by sponsoring a League of Friends fund raising event.

We welcome event sponsorship from businesses in our area.

Please contact the Friends office for more information about this.

Introducing New Shops Chairman – Ray Smith:

“I recently took on the Shops Chairman’s role from James Hodgson who stays on as Vice Chairman who did an outstanding job in steering the shops to excellent annual results and he will be a hard act to follow. Recognising that our superb financial performance is only a part of the shops contribution is important. Of course our volunteer and paid helpers play an enormous part in achieving these results.

Equally important though is the fact that this wonderful band of people (the human face of The League of Friends) are there on the front line providing an outstanding and comforting ear to so many patients and visitors in their time of need. It was a real pleasure for me to visit our four shop sites, accompanied by Shops manager Bridget. I was able to meet so many of our ‘coal face’ workers without whom the shops would not function. It was also a joy to see how great the League of Friends work as a team.

Happily I know that our team of people in the shops are more than a match for the challenging times ahead. The recent trial of Electronic Point of Sale (Epos) system is an example of one area where we can not only improve on our already great levels of service to customers, but also simplify life for our
helpers. I wish everyone enjoyment and good fortune in the coming year.”
–Ray Smith, Shops Chairman